Painting Courses with Meriel Thurstan

Botanical Painting in Somerset

Join me for my weekly classes illustrating plants in watercolour. You will be able to learn through a series of simple exercises, working at your own pace and on your own choice of subject.

The classes are for beginners and artists at all levels. No previous experience is required. They are held near Taunton, Somerset.

Other Courses

Autumn 2015 - a week's painting in the Lake District. Dates t.b.a.

Spring 2016 - A week of painting in Brittany, a bit of sightseeing and lots of good French food and wine, dates t.b.a.

Distance Learning

If you are unable to get to a course but would like to learn more about botanical illustration, why not become a distance learner? You work at your own pace on graded assignments, with one-to-one sessions and attendance at classes if and when convenient. Please contact me for more details.

Brown Crab painted by Meriel Thurstan
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